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National Research Ethics Service
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Health Research Authority
REC Reference
REC Name
Trent Research Ethics Committee
Name of establishment responsible for the bank
De Montfort University
Short title
United Kingdom Human Tissue Bank
Title of Bank
United Kingdom Human Tissue Bank
Contact Point Name/Address
Permission to publish contact details not yet received
Contact Point Phones
Permission to publish contact details not yet received
Types of Sample from living
Liver tissue from patients undergoing liver resection surgery
Nasal tissue from patients undergoing nasal surgery
Skin tissue from patients undergoing surgery such as abdominoplasty and breast reduction.
Data collected and recorded includes age, sex, smoking habit, type of operation undertaken and reason for it, medical and drug history. Patient name and address is not recorded on the donor information forms completed at the donor hospital by the staff consenting the patient. Data are coded at UKHTB to ensure researchers are unable to trace the donor.
Types of Sample from deceased
Eyes, skin, heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen, bowel, adipose tissue, blood vessels,lymph nodes,pancreas,bladder and body fluids.

Name and address may be recorded on the NHSBT consent form accompanying the organ but is not recorded electronically by UKHTB on its bespoke database. Information recorded includes, age, sex, cause of death, physiological measurements, blood group, medical and drug history. Data are coded at UKHTB to ensure researchers are unable to trace the donor.
Intended use of Samples
Samples and accompanying data will be sent to NHS REC or De Montfort University Scientific Review Board (SRB) approved biomedical researchers in the UK or Europe (EU/EEA/EFTA).
Research to be undertaken
Genetic Studies
Cell culture and transformation
Drug discovery and metabolism
Functional Studies (Western Blots/Immunohistochemistry/histology
Efficacy/Effectiveness/Safety testing
Non biomedical research projects (skin from living donors only)e.g. cosmetic research to test for irritancy/toxicity/metabolism/penetration/safety testing/functional studies/absorption on non biomedically related substances such as household goods, agricultural substances, cosmetics such as creams/lotions formulated to be applied to the skin.
Favourable Opinion
HTA licence number
not yet received
Date published 19/05/2011