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National Research Ethics Service
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Health Research Authority
REC Reference
REC Name
Oxfordshire REC C
Name of establishment responsible for the bank
Cancer Research UK, Medical Oncology Unit
Short title
Oxford Experimental Cancer Medicine melanoma tissue bank
Title of Bank
Oxford Experimental Cancer Medicine melanoma tissue bank
Contact Point Name/Address
Permission to publish contact details not yet received
Contact Point Phones
Permission to publish contact details not yet received
Types of Sample from living
Primary skin tumour tissue and lymph node tissue. Collected fresh at operation, taken to laboratory and frozen. Minimum of 100 samples to be collected over 4 years. Demographical data, name, date of birth, address, diagnosis. Data will be stored on melanoma database at CRUK. Investigators named will have access to the data.
Types of Sample from deceased
Intended use of Samples
In this study, we propose the development of a tissue bank and linking it to the existing database of metastatic melanoma tissue, with the aim to develop selective monitoring assays which will be able to identify a specific end point/effects for drug targeting within proposed phase 1 trials.

Samples will be taken as frozen tissue sections and samples for nucleic acid investigation. The patient will be asked to allow access to older tissue samples removed preoperatively, and access to the original primary tissue. Blood samples will also be taken for DNA and serum protein analysis.
Research to be undertaken
Tissue section analysis by protein and DNA research for Malignant Melanoma.
Protein biochemistry and cell and molecular biology.
Not related to healthcare.
Favourable Opinion
HTA licence number
not yet received
Date published 19/05/2011