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Research summaries for Research Tissue Banks register

In October 2008 the National Research Ethics Service (NRES) first published research summaries on the NRES website.  The purpose of publishing research summaries is to promote transparency in research, to encourage registration and publication and to provide a simple website publication of research approved by NRES in the UK.  It is designed to support the improvement of patients' access to research as detailed in the NHS Constitution.
The publication of this searchable record of approved applications is just one part of the NRES wider agenda to meet policy and publication requirements, and to promote transparent and ethical research and review.  It also marks a large amount of work and collaboration between applicants from all areas of research in the UK in delivering this important first step.

From 2010, NRES also records the ethical opinion from the Research Ethics Committee. 


About the summaries

The summaries are deliberately brief to maximise access and understanding.  If you would like further information on the studies recorded on the website, please contact the person named on the study, not NRES.


The information contained within the research summaries is extracted from the application form.  NRES provides guidance and comments on the content and may suggest amendments and improvements, but the final published version is provided and agreed by the Chief Investigator/Sponsor organisation.  NRES has not amended the summaries in any way prior to publication.



We welcome your comments and suggestions on the way that the research summaries are presented. Please fill in our feedback form.

REC ReferenceREC NameName of establishment responsible for the bankShort titleTitle of Bank
07/S1402/66Tayside Committee on Medical Research...University of DundeeTayside Tissue BankTayside Tissue Bank
07/S1402/90Tayside Committee on Medical Research...University of DundeeTayside Tissue BankTayside Tissue Bank
08/H0106/170North Somerset and South Bristol...RD&E NHS Foundation TrustThe Exeter Tissue BankThe Exeter Tissue Bank
08/H0106/28North Somerset and South Bristol...University of BristolSouth West Dementia Brain BankSouth West Dementia Brain Bank
08/H0106/53North Somerset and South Bristol...United Bristol Healthcare TrustOral and Maxillofacial Pathology tissue...Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology tissue...
08/H0304/56Cambridgeshire 1 Research Ethics...Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation TrustPapworth Hospital Research Tissue Bank...Papworth Hospital Research Tissue Bank...
08/H0304/85Cambridgeshire 1 Research Ethics...Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital...Partners in Cancer Research Human...Partners in Cancer Research Human...
08/H0405/22Trent Research Ethics CommitteeChildren's Cancer and Leukaemia GroupThe CCLG Tissue BankThe CCLG Tissue Bank
08/H0405/37Trent Research Ethics CommitteeUniversity Hospitals of Leicester NHS...University of Leicester HPB Tissue BankUNIVERSITY HOSPITALS OF LEICESTER HPB...
08/H0405/54Trent Research Ethics CommitteeHealth Protection Agency Centre for...National Anonymous Tonsil ArchiveNational Anonymous Tonsil Archive